Are You

Struggling to Unify Your team?

Has your organization been going through significant change?

Has it reduced your productivity?

Has it left you feeling stuck?

It can be hard for Businesses, Organizations & Business Leaders to see the root of the fallback when they’re too close to the issues at hand. I work with you to help identify your problems and facilitate proactive filled change so you can focus on the growth of your business.

The Margo Way
The Process

Stop focusing on what’s not possible
start seeing and believing what is possible.

We will need help to identify the process and the corresponding content.


Reach out & book consultation.


Answer a series of empowering questions.


We will come up with a proactive & focused map for success with you.


Implement impact filled action for success.

a Positive Space that
fuels change

There are different types of sessions suited for different needs. Find the best fit for you and your team.


Free yourself and your team up to fully participate in the conversation. Custom created facilitation based on the topic and needs of your team and organization.


Team development, leadership development, communication effectiveness, career leadership - these workshops can be tailored to your specific team and organizational needs.


Sometimes you need some one-on-one conversations to unlock your full potential. Coaching asks deep questions to extract your best answers so you can chart your path forward.


Moving your audience beyond inspiration to action is key to any presentation. Talks on adapting, creating and communicating. Designed to Engage, Inspire and Ignite your audience.
Meet Margo

Are we right for each other?

Hi my name is Margo, I aspire to live in a world that is inclusive, expansive, empowering and inspiring. I practice these traits in my own life through the Art of Possible. I get motivated and spur into action whenever I hear someone say “it can’t be done”. I work with teams and organizations to understand the root of the resistance and have creative ways to help you see how it can be done. I’ve developed a systematic approach known as TeamScaping™, to unlock the full potential of my clients to attain their strategic goals.

I believe you can’t get to the truth of a situation when you’re only seeing it from a narrow point of view. This means pulling out as many perspectives as possible is a key element of my facilitated sessions. I create customized approaches often drawing on examples from my work and life to encourage participants to do the same while in the session.

As a participant, your authenticity and vulnerability will result in a transformative learning experience that will allow your team to thrive, adapt, stay relevant, identify, and solve problems, experience possibility thinking and challenge the status quo.

This level of transformation isn’t soft, it’s not a nice to have, in today’s world it’s straight up imperative! It’s meant for teams that are serious about being collaborative in their approach and unafraid of challenging what was previously thought impossible. If you’re looking for safe, I’m not the best option for you. If you’ve recognized that you need to become adaptive to how the world has evolved around you, otherwise you’ll be left behind, then I will bring the edge your organization needs.

I’m also involved in some pretty awesome organizations where I’m able to combine my passions and skills to drive results and foster change

Calgary, Alberta

Phone: 403 399 7369

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