Workshops are customized to meet the needs of the client and to build on the strengths inherent in the team. Some of the workshops currently offered are listed below. Please contact Margo to discuss ways Open To Possibilities can help propel your team to its highest potential.

Team Development and Effectiveness
Career Management
Personal Effectiveness

Team Building and Effectiveness


This full-day workshop is ideal for teams seeking a new direction or entering a period that requires a shift in focus whether be due to the evolving work environment or the implementation of a new initiative.

Teamscaping© is a team development model based on xeriscaping; a sustainable, low-resource, high-yield type of landscaping. The workshop gives team members the opportunity to:

  • Choose projects that are natural for the team to work on;
  • Make the best use of your talent; and
  • Create the environment to retain the talent.

Insights Discovery™ Workshop

The Insights Discovery™ One-Day workshop is designed to enhance individual and team effectiveness. It is a highly interactive workshop that is fun while also uncovering valuable information for each participant regarding their preferred work-style — where you get your energy from, how you prefer to gather information, make your decisions, and communicate. It is a workshop that has positive implications both inside and outside work. As the focus is on increased self-awareness it can lead to better communication strategies at work and at home. It can also lead to more effective development strategies for both the individual participant as well as for the team.

Feedback from participants consistently includes the following:

"My learning continued long after the workshop had ended."

"Never got stale or stalled out. I would highly recommend others take this session."

"This had incredible value to me and to my team."

Coaching for Success©

High Impact Learning to Support Management and Leadership Development

The Coaching for Success© program is designed to enhance the coaching and feedback skills of supervisors and managers. It is also designed to develop current and future leaders within organizations.

Choose from a variety of integrated, experiential learning offerings, including:

  1. Coaching Conversations— solving problems and building commitment through the GROW model
  2. Playing to Strengths, Managing Weaknesses— the Gretzky Principle
  3. Clarifying Expectations through Fieldmarking
  4. Masterful Feedback— ensuring employees receive the feedback they need to be successful
  5. Coaching for Success— Reinforcing the Learning
  6. Career Coaching for Managers

Contact Margo for full details on the Coaching for Success© program and modules

Making Difficult Conversations Easier©

This 5 ½ hour workshop will provide professionals, team leaders, supervisors and managers with the awareness, confidence, skills and tools they require to initiate and successfully conduct difficult conversations.

Participants identify current difficult conversations and are introduced to the MDCE framework. The framework includes preparing for the conversation, drafting a reality statement, learning effective questions to engage in the conversation, reaching an agreement on the path forward, and follow-through on that agreed path.

Career Management

In association with Potentials Unlimited Inc., Margo Purcell is one of a handful of facilitators in the world certified to deliver the LifePath™ workshop.

Individuals excel when they lead and manage their own careers. Organizations are best served by employees who truly know and understand how to manage their own careers. The LifePath™ Workshop provides individuals with the opportunity to learn career management and organizations with the opportunity to offer first-class career development to their employees.

The three-day program takes individuals down a significant introspective journey. The first two days involve analysis; through a combination of assessment instruments, group work and structured reflections. The third day involves synthesis; through a series of structured exercises and activities, individuals create a Career BluePrint™ which serves as a roadmap and compass for attaining career success. This is followed by a focus on implementation using conventional and unconventional approaches for finding or creating roles that are a match with their Career BluePrint™, identifying matches and discrepancies with their current role and uncovering ways to work through these discrepancies.

Further details on LifePath™ program offerings.

Personal Effectiveness

Insights Discovery™ Workshop

"I am able to control only that which I am aware of. That which I am unaware of controls me. Awareness empowers me." Sir John Whitmore, Coaching for Performance

Self-awareness is a lifelong journey. Working with an instrument such as Insights Discovery™ can help individuals understand aspects of themselves of which they were already aware while also discovering things of which they were unaware. The aims of an Insights Discovery™ workshop for individuals are:

  • Improving self-understanding and personal impact
  • Enabling continuous personal development

The workshop focuses on uncovering an individual's preferred work-style— where you get your energy from, how you prefer to gather information, make decisions and communicate. This increased self awareness leads to new communications strategies, development strategies and work practices that improve performance.

Change Your Words, Change Your Life©

This 90 minute workshop addresses our internal and external dialogue. Participants will explore the impact of language around them and particularly the impact of the words they use. Participants will identify reasons that it is important to change what we say to ourselves and learn a way of flipping their negative self-talk into positive, empowering statements.

Feedback from past participants:

"[I learned how] not to take a statement personally and to think before reacting."

"Using positive to achieve positive."

"[I realized] I can't change everything at once — one step at a time. There is hope for a better future."