On Speaking

I had the good fortune of being able to hear the words of Margo Purcell. In a large-group setting, she managed to deliver a message that was intensely personal. Her words inspired me to pay close attention to myself and trust my instincts - in a way that I never would have thought to do so before. I can say, without exaggeration, that it was a life-changing experience.

Cindy del Rosario Tapan
Editorial Manager, RecycleBank
New York, NY

Margo Purcell is an engaging, thought-provoking speaker who helps you face tough issues with new perspective and energy. She's also one of the friendliest people on the planet.

Neal Justin
Columnist/Reporter, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Minneapolis, MN

When you need inspiration and a little boost, talking to Margo Purcell is a definite must! The thing that sets Margo apart is the fact that she isn't just giving a pep talk. She actually lists steps a person can take to achieve their goals. I highly recommend Margo...to help you reach your dreams.

Vineeta Sawkar
Anchor, KSTP-TV
Minneapolis, MN

On Facilitation

Margo Purcell has truly gifted our team with a higher understanding of each other's thoughts and actions. Through her spirited presentation and uncanny ability to hold attention she was able to enlighten us and truly make a difference in how we communicate. My hopes for the team were realized immediately and continue to carry over daily as we learn about and adapt to our individual preferences. Margo helped me to open the doors of communication in a way that has brought out a most sincere honesty and respect that had only been a general concept until now.

Jennifer Avery
Program Director
Thornhill Child Care, Calgary, AB

Margo is a great facilitator. Whether a large or small group, Margo offers personalized attention to each person in the room. Her enthusiasm and focus on bringing out the best in people can only be experienced. I've appreciated her clarity, wisdom and insights - personally and organizationally.

Nollind van Bryce
Manager, Communications and Resource Development
Calgary Interfaith Food Bank

Margo has done several Workshops for the Food Bank - all with great success. As a facilitator she is enthusiastic, engaging and knowledgeable - learner feedback is always positive. Administratively, she is easy to work with and very professional.

Valerie Smith
Manager, People and Organization Services
Calgary Interfaith Food Bank

On Coaching

Margo possesses that rare ability to continually inspire and motivate. Working with Margo is like having my own personal champion — one that can apply a balance of objectivity and subjectivity to my situation...one that makes me feel like I really can enact change in my life. I am confident that my ongoing work with Margo will help me to live my life 'on purpose'.

Julie Harrison
Principal, Caffeine Communications
Ottawa, ON

Margo Purcell has been the 'compass' on my journey towards personal fulfillment. The difference in my life now, compared to six months ago, is striking. I am now confident and positive about the future. Margo is knowledgeable, compassionate and intuitive and has always been there to lift me up or give me a push. With the life tools and incredible support that Margo Purcell has provided, I look forward to following my own path wherever it may lead. Thank you Margo!

Lucas Nightingale

Margo's gift to her clients is her incredible resolve and tenacity for getting YOU to understand yourself and your abilities better. When that magic moment happens and you are filled with confidence, she pushes you a bit harder, to the next breakthrough. Margo is smart and funny and warm, a pleasure to work with especially when you are feeling muddled and insecure. She provides the opportunity for you to create the results you want in business and in your life.

Justine Hebron
Executive Assistant to the CEO, LoopNet
San Francisco, CA