Career Kickstart for Teens - March 5, 2018

Are you thinking about university but don’t know what to study?
Still trying to figure out what you want to do with your life?

Does your teen have big plans after graduation...or maybe no plans at all?

Join us for Career Kickstart, a free public seminar for teens and their parents. Learn about the Lifepath program with Margo Purcell. Find out about the importance of managing your personal brand online with social media expert Nancy Smith. And, learn how and why students should be using LInkedIn with career coach Alnoor Damji.

It will be an informative evening. We look forward to seeing you there!

Career Management: Lifepath™

About Lifepath™
Young Adults
A Note For Parents

About Lifepath

In association with Potentials Unlimited Inc., Margo Purcell is one of a handful of facilitators in the world certified to deliver the LifePath™ workshop.

Career Blueprint

Individuals excel when they lead and manage their own careers. Organizations are best served by employees who truly know and understand how to manage their own careers. The LifePath™ Workshop provides individuals with the opportunity to learn career management and organizations with the opportunity to offer first-class career development to their employees.

The three-day program takes individuals down a significant introspective journey. The first two days involve analysis; through a combination of assessment instruments, group work and structured reflections. The third day involves synthesis; through a series of structured exercises and activities, individuals create a Career BluePrint™ which serves as a roadmap and compass for attaining career success. This is followed by a focus on implementation using conventional and unconventional approaches for finding or creating roles that are a match with their Career BluePrint™, identifying matches and discrepancies with their current role and uncovering ways to work through these discrepancies.

Lifepath for Young Adults

The pressure to get it right can be overwhelming when looking at possible career or educational paths. With so much at stake it's no wonder that, facing such big, daunting decisions, there can be sleepless nights while asking:
"What am I doing?"
"What am I going to do?"
"How will I know if this is right for me?"
"I think I know where I want to go, how do I make it happen?"

In face of the pressure to make a decision, some people may select a career or educational path that someone else selected for them, others jump blindly and choose a path out of sheer panic and some may feel paralyzed and choose to make no decision at all. No matter the course of action or inaction you take, without having the self-knowledge and tools that are necessary to help you start down the best path for you, you could be setting yourself up for a big letdown.

That's where LifePath™ comes in. LifePath™ is about:

Self-awareness and Exploration
It's about "finding your zone", working with your strengths and recognizing the skills that can make you successful.
Strategies and Tools
It's also about implementation, putting yourself on the path following the workshop. We introduce you to informational interviewing, an innovative approach to networking, action and development planning.
It's about understanding educational and careers paths are most rewarding when lead by the individual living them.

Many participants who take LifePath™ later in life consistently say that they had wished this opportunity was available to them when they were younger. Fortunately, you do have this opportunity now. This is a great chance for you to gain the personal knowledge and tools that will help you find your true path and enable you to reach your full potential.

What do other young adults have to say about LifePath™?

"I feel like anyone could benefit from this if they wanted to, so why waste an opportunity?"

"Everyone should get the knowledge and understanding of what their lives can be."

"Every student should experience LifePath."

"I have an understanding of what a career is now. I understand that it's based on what you want it to be. It's completely different than what I thought."

"I feel like I took a lot away from this in more aspects than one. I can use the things I learned about myself in multiple areas of improvement as well as apply the different processes and techniques to things that are important to me!"

"It was AWESOME."

Actual feedback from National Sports School LifePath™ for Young Adults participants, September 2009.

A Note For Parents

As a parent you want to see your child succeed. You want to see them have opportunities to live to their full potential, to be everything they can be. In a world where opportunities abound and the choices available to them are seemingly endless, how do you help them navigate the education and career decisions they need to make to set themselves up for success?

The best place to start is for your child to know themselves. It turns out that they better they know and understand their skills, interests and motivations, the better choices they can make. Where can they gain this knowledge? What opportunity can you give your child to help them find their own best path forward?

LifePath™ is that opportunity.

The three day workshop provides young adults with the skills, knowledge and motivation required to successfully make career and educational choices.

Participants gain:

  • Self-awareness
  • Practical Strategies and Tools
  • Development Plan
  • Action Plan

The first two days are about self-assessment. We make extensive use of leading assessment instruments to gain clarity on individual skills, interests, values and personality preferences. Individuals complete self-assessment assignments as well as participate in group work and structured reflections. This culminates in the creation of a personal Career BluePrint™. The blueprint serves as a roadmap and compass for attaining career success.

The rest of the workshop is about implementation. Participants look at conventional and unconventional approaches for finding or creating educational and work opportunities that are a match with their Career BluePrint™.

There is a significant focus on the theme of "playing to strengths." Participants will gain clarity on what their specific strengths are and explore ideas for using their strengths within their studies and work.

Finally, each participant creates a future vision that covers all aspects of their life and then create an action plan to ensure they attain the vision.

One parent had this to say about LifePath™:

I think what he learned about himself will be something he will come back to and appreciate as he makes his way. Knowing a little more about his type (i.e. Myers Briggs) helps me to understand him a little more too.

- I. Collins


A recent survey reveals that the top concern for today's employers is retaining good employees and finding new ones, even in challenging economic times. This concern is often amplified by our ever evolving and shifting workplace that gives employees a wider variety of career paths than ever before. How do employers meet organizational work needs, retain high performers and develop internal talent? The answer lies largely with maintaining an employee focus, including commitment to their development and engagement. The LifePath™ process provides opportunities to address both employee development and engagement while representing a significant investment in individual and organizational performance.

Business problems addressed through the LifePath™ process include:

  • Developing future leaders in organizations
  • Enhancing retention - the right people stay for the right reasons
  • Increasing individual performance and morale
  • Preparing current employees for transition or retirement
  • Enhancing team performance by adjusting member roles

The LifePath™ process involves:

  • Mapping out the current career management process
  • Realigning the process to meet organizational and individual requirements
  • Participating in the LifePath™ Workshop
  • Supporting individuals in finding roles in the organization to match their Career BluePrint™

Past Participant feedback has consistently shared the following themes:

"The organization is willing to work with employees. The workshop helps employees identify what they are looking. It's a win-win!"

"The more capable we are of knowing our strengths and opportunities, the better the environment that we create."

"If the company is willing to offer courses like these, I feel they are willing to work with employees."

"When people are living their passions they do their best work - if an organization helps people live their passion it's a win-win, both will reap the rewards."

"I now have a toolbox to use to take control of my career, to evaluate myself and present myself to employers in a strong and confident manner, to move toward a brighter future."


In terms of our careers, many of us often question where we are and where we are going. Some of us are content; some of us feel we could be more fulfilled; and some of us simply want this train to stop. In today's employment market, we are, more than ever, entitled to ask questions regarding our careers. Employers are now encouraging us to lead our own careers, for you to take control of your career. Above all else, you owe it to yourself to make the most of your abilities and strengths and to turn that into career fulfillment.

If you have ever thought...

  • I'm happy with my career but could there be something better out there for me?
  • Did I really choose this career or did I fall into it?
  • I'm good at almost everything. How do I know which is the most satisfying career path for me?
  • I've made education and career choices that have brought me to where I am but is this where I'm supposed to be?
  • I know what I don't want to do, I have no idea what I do want to do. How do I find it?
  • I've got a great job right now. In charting my next career steps, how do I make sure that I stay this fulfilled?

...then LifePath™ is for you. An investment in yourself is the most sound investment you can make.

Past Participant feedback has consistently shared the following themes:

"I have taken away a better understanding of myself, the gap that is currently there and a path to get to my zone."

"Great for all stages of career progression."

"It was everything I had hoped for and more."

"For anyone that has ever asked "is this what I should be doing with my life?" This is the course for them."

"I feel empowered to move forward and have the tools to use to do this."

"I now have a toolbox to use to take control of my career, to evaluate myself and present myself to employers in a strong and confident manner, to move toward a brighter future."