This Risk of a Hyper-Focus

Having a clear focal point is a great benefit to an organization, a team, an individual. Can there be a risk though?

Absolutely. A hyper-focus on any one objective or goal can lead to the organizational equivalent of a monoculture. In nature, a monoculture is highly susceptible to disease. In fact, in a monoculture, a single disease or meteorological event can wipe out the entire system.

We have seen this in companies time and again, often following the meteoric rise experienced with a new CEO who has “clear direction”. Think Enron – boil it down to the very simplest of terms and their focus was profit. It was such a focal point throughout the company that it became of culture of profit at all costs – the cost being the catastrophic collapse of the company with both economic and human repercussions that are felt by many to this day.

Enron is just one of many companies that exemplify the risks of a hyper-focus.

Your team fits into the larger system of your organization. Your organization fits into the larger system of your community and economy. Consider the greater landscape within which you reside and allow diverse, complimentary activities into your immediate landscape that actually highlight your focal point.

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