The Value of a Clear Focal Point

People don’t like change. Right?

In my experience, people don’t like change without clear purpose or intention.

That’s where having a clear focal point is essential. This is different from having a goal. A goal is a desired end result. A focal point on the other hand is more of a design element, a reference point that as things continue to unfold allows everyone involved to check and see how they’re doing individually and collectively.

Take Finland for example. They realized that there was a clear need for change in their education system. While other governments have a goal of excellence, they chose to have a focal point of equality.

Read more about the results they are achieving from a clear focal point of equality:

Through this focal point, they were able to design an new approach to education and prepare their teachers through conscious development programs prior to implementing new policies and programs. A focus on equality also allowed them to keep up the motivation and energy of the teachers and Finnish people alike as they nurtured the new approach, giving time for things to establish and grow.

The results speak for themselves.

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