Lessons from Lindsay

We can learn a lot from Lindsay Blackwell – lessons that are both basic and profound.

Lindsay Blackwell read about a job opening – Director of Social Media at the University of Michigan. Lindsay LOVES social media. Lindsay is from Michigan. Lindsay wants that job.

So, she used her passion for social media and her skills of designing, public engagement and creativity to apply for that job in an innovative way. Check out www.dearlisarudgers.com. After creating the site, Lindsay then used her skills of networking, promoting and campaigning to get her application in front of Lisa Rudgers – the person who may one day be her boss.

And it worked. Within 24 hours, Lindsay got a call for an interview. She made sure she is a candidate for the job.


So, lessons from Lindsay?

  • focus on your strengths – they will inevitably position you well for things you want in your life
  • follow your passions – you’re more innovative and creative when you do
  • know your audience – future boss, future users all know what she is capable of now
  • have fun – people like working with people who are fun to work with

Now, even if Lindsay doesn’t get the job she applied for, what are the chances that she will get noticed by someone else before long and have more than one opportunity? I’d say they’re pretty high.

Hats off Lindsay!

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